Organic Texture, Modern Presentation

At first glance, a mixture of content keeps an interior alive.  Don't get me wrong, the act of repetition can be beautiful as long as it's in vignetted and accents a space.  I ran across these shadow-box artpieces today... love the linearity of presentation juxtaposed with the organic shape of each natural element.

I love the green/gray sea urchins with their Perfect Black holes.

Pair these in a room with some black/white photography and a line drawing or two - you've got a curated, textured artwall.

Or, you can just make your wall an art statement as wallcovering genius Tracy Kendall has done with "Buttons" shown below.

A bit off topic, but to me - this is design in it's purest form.  Thanks to my friend Joe for his photo of Romanesco at the Park Slope Food Coop.  xoEB

Joe's Romanesco
Joe's Romanesco