Purity of Form (I love Circles).

I spent the day accessories shopping for two current Manhattan residences.  Although each home is different, I found myself gravitating towards one common element - the circle.  While at the 2011 Affordable Art fair, I ran across this piece by Peter Monaghan.  The canted dimensional circles create such an interesting sense of depth - I was surprised at the affordability of such an intricate piece.

Here are a few others from Peter's website:

I love these glass vessels found in Soho today:

And these lacquered wood stumps:

lacquered stumps

Although I don't love this light fixture as a pendant, I really love it's amorphic shape as a table lamp.  The light floats and is very calming.

At ICFF last year, I found the Hug Chair by Gabriella Asztalos.  The chair is almost disappears in elevation, however is extremely inviting when viewing at other angles.

Circles can appear regular in linear form:

Or opulent when properly integrated architecturally:

The most perfect circle, in my opinion :)