Emotion & "Interior" Design

Last night,  I saw this commerical for the NY Lottery.  I love how the music completely changes the feel of the scene.

It reminds me of something my husband Justin speaks of, the true nature of  "Interior" Design.  Design is simply a reflection of who you are.  The design process with my clients always begins with words.  I ask people to tell me how they want their space to feel which directs the course of the project.  This morning, I compiled a few descriptions of "me" in different scenarios.

Me:  Step out of the house 5 minutes from waking, in a weightless summer dress and sandals. Hair tied loosely in a simple knot.  Grab an iced coffee w just the right amount of almond milk to make it sweet. Smile at the world. Love my Brooklyn village existence. Free, Simple, Spirited.  Background Music:  Here We Go Magic

Me:  Cuddled up on the sofa with my family and dog Charlotte Mingus.  Everyone's in pajamas.  Bacon, eggs, waffles, syrup.  Wimbledon muted on the TV.  Magazines, and Ipad, a chewtoy, and Abby-Cadabby fill the crevices of the sectional. Relaxed, Comfortable, Thankful. Background  Music: Bob Marley

Me:  Out with girlfriends in Aspen.  Breathing in the mountain air.  Dressed and headed to Matsuhisa.  Bribe the St. Regis Van service to come pick us up at our private house after a long salt soak.  Prosecco in hand.  Sophisticated, Airy, Energetic, Playful. Background Music: LCD Soundsystem

We all have endless descriptions of who we are.  The point is to find underlying themes in your life that remain constant... and this becomes the root of your "Interior" design concept.