Sexy, Sophisticated Leather Floors

Leather flooring is so sexy.  It's silky but tough, & gets better with age.  Leather flooring is like a good looking man; it's sophisticated & rugged but sensitive to the touch :). Leather floors patina with memories. They truly serve as a great alternative to hardwood flooring/rugs. My soundtrack for this post is the legendary Miles Davis, Spanish Key from Sketches of Spain.  Somebody bring me my slippers and a cocktail so I can put my feet up.

London & LA based Ting that makes gorgeous leather flooring & rugs. They recycle belt straps and can cater the color selection based on what reclaimed inventory they have in stock.

Ting Black Belted Floor
Ting Multicolored Belt Flooring

Torly's is an affordable, go-to source for leather floors. Below are a few images from their website:

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