My Bath is My Meditation.

For as long as I can recall, my bath is a well-deserved daily ritual.  It's an instant, enveloping experience that, even for just a few minutes, is all mine.  My husband hates how our magazines end up wrinkled with moisture, and blames me for ruining books.  And yes, my electronic devices have suffered due to my choice of meditation. I'd love to say "I do yoga everyday", or "Yes, my personal trainer comes over twice a week at 6am". Sometimes, the bath just has to make do.

Below are some sophisticated designs from British based company Victoria & Albert. V&A tubs are made of volcanic limestone mixed with resin, and have a 20 year warranty.  I just purchased the Toulouse for my master bath project in Tribeca.


The Japanese Soaking Tub is a different kind of bathing experience; the tubs are shorter width, but much deeper. These are commonly called "Ofuro" in Japan, and are traditionally made of wood. They are commonly identified by their square of rectilinear shape with no sloping sides.

Note how the texture on the walls contrasts the clarity of the water. It is lovely experience for a vacation destination.

I love the contrast of the herringbone floor against the ornate Rococo era doors. Gorgeous!

This designer loved the bath so much, it has become it's own room.

Everyone in the world, whether rich or poor - young or old, has experienced bathtime. It binds us together, and should be celebrated as true meditation no matter what your situation entails. xoEB