The "Design School" of Ralph Lauren.


I am proud to say I am an alumni of the Design School of Ralph Lauren. Yes, I made it through 3 agonizing years of grad school at Pratt Institute (#1 School for Graduate Interior Design, go Cannoneers!  Wait, what's a Cannoneer?  We had a mascot?), however RL became like a post-degree program that was pretty invaluable.

Ralph has been a breeding ground for many amazing designers, such as Thomas O'Brien, Mark Cunningham, Mary Foley & Michael Cox, Bill Sofield, Laura Kirar, etc.  It is at Ralph Lauren where you learn about water vs. oil gold leafing...  the elusiveness of an authentic black and gold pot , the appropriateness of the right pinch pleat, the proper way to upholster just about anything.  Ralph Lauren Interior Designers learn how to make things, not just specify them.

Below are some of the projects I worked on while practicing Interiors at Ralph Lauren. xoEB

888 Madison Avenue - Womens & Home Flagship


Seoul, South Korea Flagship

Greenwich, CT Flagship