What your Draperies Say About You.

Let's face it.  Window treatments are really a window into ones psyche.  Are you a control freak?  Relaxed & Laid back?  OCD? Blase? I'm doing this post specifically because the wrong drapery style can throw your interiors into a tailspin of NO if you choose unwisely.   Alternatively, an educated guess will properly accent the window and it's surrounding Interiors.   Hope you enjoy!

See below for a closeup of a traditional triple pinch pleat.  This is very full, traditional way to craft drapes.  The focus is on the fabric, so make sure the pleat doesn't compete with your pattern you've selected.

The image below speaks worlds for this homeowner.  The drapes puddle and have been detailed by a border edge detail.  Fly by the seat of her pants, feet up on the coffee table.  This women isn't afraid to take drink a glass of chianti whilst chatting with her girlfriend as the birds chirp out the window. .

This is an inverted box pleat attached to clips.  They read simple, elegant.  Note how the box pleat does NOT retain it's shape when moved... therefore most utilize the box pleat when doing stationary panels.

Grommets... What can I say about grommets?  They are extremely site specific.  Great in nautical environments, provides a undulating straight hang.  You most likely will not see grommets in my interiors, but never say never...

Grommets pair great with a duck cloth or indoor/outdoor canvas fabric.

A cornice is a lovely, tailored way to articulate a window.  You will save money on window hardware (read: expensive) AND infer serious design intention.

Love how the cornice was integrated into this living room corner.. what a way to vignette a lovely view.

I am a big fan of puddling drapes.  They do a great job of softening such an architectural space.

Knot it up, tie it back!  This is a great way to causalize a formal space, especially if the material you're knotting is luxurious (like a flat silk).

Perhaps it's less about the fabric and more about the hook!

I think Roman Shades will have to get their own post.  Good Night!  xoEB