The Armory Show, New Projects, & DIFFA (Oh, My!)

I have been such a busy bee the first few months of 2013.  Apologies for my radio silence...  It's great that business is good but I'll try not to neglect my blog in the future.  I'm blessed to have great clients with great taste. My job is pretty fun right now. :) Wednesday evening I went to the Armory Show preview.  The pieces below were some standouts; my art consultant friend mentioned the works below are generating quite a buzz...


The piece by James Hugonin is so intricate in it's detail - could work as a singular statement piece or in a collection within a room.


I was really enchanted by Cecily Brown's feminine pieces with soft but intentional color usage.


The mixture of corals/oranges and greys is such a great combo. Her work is so transitional as it can fit both traditional & contemporary interiors.  Clients reading my blog, take note.


Yoon Lee. How do you begin to describe Yoon Lee's work? First off, it's BIG. And makes a major statement. Her paintings feel like a landscape, a daydream, a trainride at 100 mph. The piece will define a room, so I'd see in a dining room or in a living environment with very minimal furniture. Yoon's art is your tassel & your doublewelt. There is no need for anything else.


I loved the simplicity of color/intricacy of craft in this Turkish piece. It's perfect for transitional interiors, or anywhere where the viewer can really get close to the piece.

I love how colorful the piece above is.  It's quasi psychedelic - primary color blast would be a rockstar in a traditional setting... Perhaps a mantle in NYC will become its new home.

In other news, I am hosting a table at Dining By Design in March!  My friends at DEDAR & Avenue Road are the generous donors to DIFFA, and Hermes / St. Louis are providing my tabletop.  I'm THRILLED to curate such greats as Christophe Delcourt, John Pawson, Massimo Castagna, Anna Torfs with the lux-moderne fabrics of DEDAR.

Million Dollar Contractor Stephen Fanuka is graciously donating his time & labor into building my vignette.  This year's theme is "Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose", so Steve & I decided to use remnants from his millshop to make my platform.

Happy Friday!  I'll send another update soon.  xoEB