The Yum or Yuck Factor.

Let's face it.  I believe there are two equal approaches to an informed Interior. As some of you know, I take a learned approach when it comes to Interior Design.  In fact, my most appreciated class while finishing my Masters of Science in Interior Design at Pratt was Design History. DH is the perfect culmination of math, science, & culture (thanks to Alexa Griffith Winton)... It helped me to realize the most important aspect of starting my own business: Design is purely a product of the Moment - a reflection of what is happening NOW.

Example - let's look at the transition between Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts & French (then American) Art Deco.  Arts & Crafts focused on the perfection of every detail, every screw.  Architects extrapolated the meaning of Art by focusing on every element... inspired by the intrinsic quality of a leaf.  A&C built upon anthropomorphism of Art Nouveau, allowing us to break down beauty to the micro of micros.

Then the War Came.

Excess stripped.  Time a luxury.  Flowers forgotten and war, efficiency, machines God.  Out goes detail, and in comes American Art Deco... the embodiment of War efforts.  Streamlining everything, engines, airplanes, steel.  Stripped down, sans-serif fonts.  War = Ration.  American Design stole a peek at Italy's fascist arhecitecture movement, the opposite of its domestic predecessor.  Arts & Crafts = Flourish.  And it is obvious.  Design IS a product of the collective soul's current status... of a thought's thought. So it goes.

This brings me to my next point, the antithesis of my informed thinking above.  I believe there is great merit & sociological impact to what my dear friend Mr. Chester calls the "Yum or Yuck Factor". There is true validity to ones' liking a "YUM" or a "YUCK", especially regarding Interior Design.  It reminds me to HSBC's brilliant AD campaign of 2011. You've got to trust your instinct upon first glance.

So which is it?  Informed thinking or the "Yum or Yuck" factor?  I'd like to think good Interiors sits right on the line of both.  There is equal merit to both history and Y/Y.  Both are equally respected and validated.  Neither are dismissed.

I purposely have no images in this post, so you can surmise your own "Yum" or "Yuck" factor... my next post will be light and fluffy about pillows or seaglass or something.

Yours truly,