Dear Santa: Please put Coal in my Stocking.

Hey Santa - I mean Jim Zivic's coal, specifically.  Zivic is the mastermind behind stunning coal sculptural pieces as well as contemporary handcrafted furnishings.  Zivic's art interprets nature with a man-altered finish, however just barely.  The dense, rawness of natural form can transform any interior - whether contemporary or traditional.

Zivic balances rawness & elegance with such ease.   As Forbes writer Richard Nalley writes, Zivic manages "hone lumps of coal into $30,000 end tables.  On the other hand, they are very beautiful - gemlike, even mysterious".  His latest line of furniture includes a leather link hammock which is suspended from the ceiling with zipper-like straps. 

To see more of Zivic's work, please visit Jim Zivic Design.  Happy Holidays!