The "Design School" of Ralph Lauren.

I am proud to say I am an alumni of the Design School of Ralph Lauren. Yes, I made it through 3 agonizing years of grad school at Pratt Institute (#1 School for Graduate Interior Design, go Cannoneers!  Wait, what's a Cannoneer?  We had a mascot?), however RL became like a post-degree program that was pretty invaluable.

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Breakfast (Lunch & Dinner) working on Tiffany's

While in grad school at Pratt (seems like another lifetime), Yabu Pushelberg hired me fulltime as a Junior Designer.  YP changed the way I approach, the way I interact, and the way I perceive design. They also train designers to become proficient in all aspects of the design process, including hand renderings, concepting, design development and construction detailing.  Below is the first project I worked on with YP, Tiffany & Co. on Wall Street. Initial Concept Sketch

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