East 77th Street Photoshoot Selects

Happy Friday!  I haven't received all the photos from last Thursday's shoot, but here is a preview.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  xoEB Love this Gaston Y Daniela stripe paired with the Paul McCobb stools.  I unconventionally ran the stripe horizontally to accentuate the boxiness of Mies van der Rohe Krefeld Chair.  Rug is the Starsilk from the Rug Company.

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The Bachelor Pad, The Perfect Black

See selects from my latest project, The Bachelor Pad, inspiration for this blog "The Perfect Black".  The Perfect Black is Farrow & Balls' Pitch Black.  Hope you enjoy.  Photo credit: Adam Kane Macchia  xoEB

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MIA - so goes the days of Summer.

I am obviously not winning any award for being the best blogger.   However, I'm busy and totally enjoying the summer! Over two months, I've wrapped 4 projects and professionally shot one.  I've met lovely people and have made great summer memories.  I thought I'd show you, via my trusty phone, what I've been up to.

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